Kayaking is a thrilling adventure act, but in summers, since kayaking can be a challenging sport indeed during the winters. Chilling winters can take a toll on your capacity of paddling your kayak, therefore before you get ahead with your first winter kayaking expedition you need to be confident about your paddling capacity. Even more important is to know a few tips for winter kayaking like how to tackle situations and what to do if you fall into water while kayaking (like using a sit on top Kayak). It is important since while falling out of your kayak in the summers or time of the year will not pose any difficulty, whereas, in winter the freezing water can not only be difficult to cope up with but can be threatening for your health as well.

Important Tips

  • Choose a stream way for kayaking that you are already well acquainted with.
  • Practice certain emergency tips for winter kayaking like for example, roll over skills by intentionally jumping overboard, then capsizing or by rolling on to your kayak. Ideally you should try practicing these skills in other time of the year when immersing into water does not pose any problem.
  • When you find yourself inefficient to practice or master these skills, seek for local instructors or guides for proper kayaking training instead of setting up for a trip during the chilly weathers.
  • While you plan to go for winter kayaking one of the most essential things you cannot overlook are winter gears and garments.

Essential Clothing for Winter Kayaking

You need to gather winter kayaking clothes as per the requirement of kayaking as well as in order to keep your body warm. Safety clothing to avoid immersion even if you experience tipping is one of the most essential part of kayaking while getting sufficient warm clothing suitable for doing kayaking is another essential  tips for winter kayaking. Since kayaking directly relates to water, an you cannot always avoid the splashing of water onto your clothes, you essentially need to keep in mind to get kayak suitable waterproof warm clothing.

Your selection of warm clothing for the wintertime paddle directly links with certain factors like:

  • water temperature,
  • weather conditions
  • personal comfort,
  • water conditions
  • type of stream, river, or ocean you choose for kayaking

While choosing for kayaking comforting winter clothing you need to keep in mind the importance of both inner and outer layers which helps a lot to keep you warm.

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