Poodles are loved for their beautiful undercoat that is dense and has a cotton-like surface. It is important to use proper brushes to detangle knots and mats, and get rid of loose hair and debris, to keep the dogs healthy. Find out about the 4 best brushes for poodles.

Metal Comb

These are great options to help spot tangles or snags. You can simply slide such a comb with metal tooth through the coat of your poodle. Just as you can spot issues, use a rake brush or pin brush to brush through the snags / tangles, based on whether the problem is in the undercoat or the long hair. As soon as mats appear, using a slicker brush to remove the tangle can prevent them from becoming large enough to demand the services of a professional dog groomer.

Slicker Brush

These brushes have fine, short wires placed together closely on a brush surface that is flat in form. Such fine wires let you remove small mat tangles from the coat. Use one hand to hold the mat so that the dog’s skin is not pulled when you attempt to break the mat up. Begin at the tip to brush out and move to the base gradually, not allowing the bristles to touch the poodle’s skin at any time. Use slight pressure while brushing the mat with care. Using strong pressure can make your poodle feel pain, and make it disinclined enough to resist any hair-brushing session in the future. More attention is needed with large mats, and a professional groomer is frequently needed for their removal. There are many forms of slicker brushes, and you should pick one with a comfy grip that allows easier control while brushing your poodle.

Pin Brush

This is an oval brush with wires that are flexible and come with pins atop. A poodle tends to shed hair although there is no hair-fall in most cases. With frequent brushing, loose hair strands can be removed and mats can be prevented. You will find pin brushes very useful, particularly for the ears, topknot or any other section that you let grow long on your canine.

Rake Brush

It can reach deep into the thick coat of dogs, and let dead hairs be removed easily from the undercoat situated closest to the skin. The brush has an appearance similar to a razor. It has pins spaced tightly in two rows. You need to apply only a small amount of pressure while using it.

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